National Rocket Day is held on a fine day in February each year. The event usually starts around midday, and is a chance for members around the country to get together to parade their stuff and swap information on rocketry. More than 60 rockets can be launched on the day. That’s more rockets than NASA!

It is a family occasion fit for kids, parents, friends, and visitors. There are rockets galore – from ready-to-go rockets for young kids, to the largest ones that go for 30,000 feet or more, and everything in between. Rockets going up to mach 2 – twice the speed of sound and faster than a speeding bullet! – are always on the cards. Some are still works-in-progress, so you can see just how clever some people are with their hands and brains!


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    WARNING: There is every chance that you will become a rocket addict if you come along.