The NZRA is a group of people who are interested in model rocketry, building model rockets, and launching them skywards. Our members range from the age of 6 to 106, and the NZRA is open to everyone who wishes to join us. We have been in existence in various forms since 1991 – then, it was called the NARNZ (National Association of Rocketry New Zealand), and set up

To promote, foster and develop the sport and encourage the affiliation of potential members, educate the relevant administrative bodies in all aspects of the hobby, to liaise with international associations and to coordinate competition.

Model rocketry opens up many avenues for learning, and the greatest thing is about this is that the learning never stops. There is always more to explore and if you keep at it, you can become a true rocket scientist.

Much of the learning is about science. There are all manners of rocket motors and sizes: fat ones, thin ones, designs built for speed and altitude, and some just for the fun. You can learn about what slows a rocket down, and what makes it sleek and efficient. Learn how to measure the altitude that your rocket reaches, and in some instances, learn how to communicate with your rocket via the GPS satellite network. You can even mount a camera on your rocket and watch the Earth recede as the rocket reaches for the sky. Above all, you learn how much fun all this learning can be!

Regardless of your level of skill or knowledge, there is always the personal pleasure of making something that can soar thousands of meters into the sky, embrace the thrill of the liftoff, and the feeling of relief and satisfaction of a successful recovery.

One of the foremost aspects of model rocketry is that of safety. This is always a prime consideration in the construction of any model rocket as well as in its launching. When handled and built properly, a model rocket is simply not dangerous. There are qualified experts on hand with many years of experience at every NZRA launch to supervise and control every aspect of rocket safety.

So come along, join us, and experience love at first flight!